Complete Film Retrospective

1 March — 1 June 2019

Opening 1 March 18:30 ICA

Running from 1 March until 1 June 2019 across several prominent London venues including the Goethe-Institut London, the retrospective will include Straub and Huillet’s long and short films directed between 1962 and 2006. The retrospective will also feature Jean-Marie Straub’s video works after Danièle Huillet’s death in 2006. Additional events and workshops will provide an opportunity for in-depth encounters with the unique aesthetics and political engagement of the filmmakers, whose unwavering artistic resolve and clear stance against political and economic oppression are more relevant than ever. Viewers will be able to experience the exquisite craftsmanship and sheer beauty of their work, as all films are presented in digitally restored copies and on 35mm prints with English subtitles.

Screenings and events will take place at the ICA, BFI Southbank, King’s College London, Goethe-Institut London, Ciné Lumière, Close-Up, Birkbeck Cinema and Whitechapel Gallery.

The retrospective is organised by the Goethe-Institut London in collaboration with BELVA Film and in partnership with BFI Southbank, ICA, Institut Français, Close-Up Film Centre, King’s College London, German Screen Studies Network, Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Images (BIMI) and Whitechapel Gallery.

Detailed information of the programme can be found here. The accompanying prospective can be downloaded here.